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Welcome to Arev Arts Music School Homepage

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This site is about Arev Arts Music, a qualified music teachers who give private violin, piano and solfege lessons(Setagaya main school,Kagurazaka classroom,Fuchu classroom)

Students of all ages and levels are welcome.

Lessons are offered in English,German,Russian and Spanish.


Monday – Saturday    9:00 – 20:00


Accepting private violin and piano and solfege students.


Please contact us now to have a trial lesson!!




★Setagaya main school (Near Sakurashinmachi Station or Setagaya Station)

Address:1-41-12,Tsurumaki Setagaya-ku Tokyo 154-0016

★Kagurazaka classroom(Near Kagurazaka Station or UshigomeKagurazaka Station)


Monday – Saturday    9:00 – 20:00

About Tutors (Profile)

Karen Israelyan (violin)

Was born on 15th of November 1979, in Yerevan, capital of Armenia, in medical doctors family.

Started to play violin from 9 years old.

After graduation in Special Music School by Tchaikovsky ,entered in Yerevan State Conservatory on 1997 witch was graduated with honour on 2002. As a exchange prodram student, from 2000 to 2001, studied in ,,Ino Mirkovich,, Music Academy in Lovran,Croatia. From 2003 to 2005 studied in Austria,Vienna Konservatorim .During studying was participated in the competition ,,Giovani Talenti,, and won second prise and silver medal in San Bartalameo,Italy.

From 2005 to 2009 worked in Orchestra Academia de Grand Theatre Del Liceu in Barcelona,Spain.

From 2009 moved to Tokyo,Japan, and participate as a chamber music artist and soloist in the concerts.

As a soloist and member of European Philharmonic Orchestra, Vienna Young Orchestra,member of quartet ,,Oriente,, was participated in concerts in Armenia,Italy,Iran,Austria,Croatia,Switzerland,Spain,Japan.

Was studied with Bagrat Vardanyan, Prof. Yuriy Kortchinsky, Prof. Dorice Koestenberger .And was participated in master classes with Prof. Dora Schwarzberg.


Sakura Yazaki (piano,solfege)

The pianist, Sakura Yazaki, was born in Tokyo, Japan. She graduated from Toho Gakuen School of Music. In 2003, she continued her postgraduate studies by Japanese Government Overseas Study Programme for Artists at the Ino Mirkovich Music Academy in Croatia with Prof. Evgeny Zarafiants. She also studied chamber music from 2003 to 2005 at the Vienna Conservatorium in Vienna with Prof. Dorice Kostenberger. From 2005 to 2008 in Spain, since 2009 she has lived in Tokyo, She has given performance at various concerts; including piano solos; chamber music, in Croatia, Austria, Spain and Japan.

Having taken piano lessons with Prof.Konstantin Sirounian, Prof.Evgeny Zarafiants, Prof.Hiroko Nakamura, Prof.Hidemitsu Hayashi and Prof.Shizuko Murate.


Lesson Fee

Private lessons(Violin and Piano)

◉45min lessons      ¥6,000〜

◉60min lessons      ¥7,500〜

◉Also available for more than 60min lessons especially for a student who is aiming at a professional musician.


We accept all contacts including questions and trial lessons,etc.

Please ask anything at any time!! 

090-3420-7623 (English, Japanese)

090-9853-2031 (English,German,Russian,Spanish)

Accepting private violin and piano and solfege students.

Please contact us now to have a trial lesson!!

090-3420-7623 (English, Japanese)

090-9853-2031 (English,German,Russian,Spanish)

Groupe lessons(solfege)

45min lessons     ¥3,000/per 1 student

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