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Garden of Sound

🌻Each sound particle has its own unique personality.

The sound particles gradually increase in number and become friends.

In the "Garden of Sound", flowers of various colors bloomed.


🎻Based on our many years of stage experience, our school has three main characteristics that we value.

①−1. Basic skills

◎ We place emphasis on building and strengthening basic skills. Some students may need to review the basics at times, but we will teach them in a fun, thorough manner so that they can steadily improve their skills.

In addition, we select music and teaching materials for each student according to their individual characteristics, such as physique, bone structure, and hand size.

①−2. Application skills = Communication

◎ We value an environment that allows students to experience music from a variety of angles. We support opportunities to develop solid musical abilities through a variety of musical experiences, including chamber ensembles and duos aimed at improving musical communication skills (application skills).


◎At Arev Arts Music School, we place importance not only on daily practice but also on completing songs with a goal in mind, through recitals (once a year), concert viewing, master classes (practical solo), summer festivals (chamber music), and participation in competitions.


3. Global environment: We plan music events in collaboration with embassies and international organizations. We also provide opportunities for global music exchange, such as joint review sessions with domestic international classes.
*Music is an expressive art. By gaining experience on stage, you will also come into contact with a world different from your everyday life, encounter various personalities, and gain plenty of stimulation, which will greatly broaden your horizons of musical expression.


☆At Arev Arts Music School, we prioritize strengthening basic skills, but we also strive to create an environment where students can accumulate multifaceted experiences such as seeing, listening, and feeling, so that they can develop their individuality and musicality.

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