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✴Skype Lessons✴

♪Skype Window Course♪ We are accepting special reservations for lessons via Skype.

◉ "It's difficult to attend classes on specific days and at specific times."

◉ "I'm busy with work... but I still want to play an instrument! I want to learn an instrument!"

If you are one of those people, please open a Skype window!

You can take effective lessons at your own pace.

☆However, for the first lesson, before a recital, or for exam candidates, we will have to hold face-to-face lessons periodically as schooling.

You need to come.

Preschoolers to junior high school students

1 lesson (45 minutes) / 3 times a month

Monthly fee: 18,000 yen (each lesson fee: 6,000 yen)

high school student~

1 lesson (60 minutes) / 3 times a month

Monthly fee: 22,500 yen (each lesson fee: 7,500 yen)


1 lesson (60 minutes) / 2 times a month ~

Monthly / ¥15,000 ~

Professional Courses

1 lesson (60-120 minutes)

Please Ask

Music high school and music college entrance exam course

1 lesson (60-120 minutes)

Please Ask

*If you would like to take more than three lessons per month, an additional lesson fee will be charged for each additional lesson.

Karen Israelyan

Karen Israelyan

Violin teacher

●Exclusive member of the Illuminart Philharmonic Orchestra

●Judge for the Japan Classical Music Competition (Violin Division)

Karen Israelyan

Piano and solfeggio instructor

Graduated from the Faculty of Music at Toho Gakuen School of Music

Made her debut at the age of 17 as a direct student of the late Hiroko Nakamura, performing with her teacher

Judge for the Spanish Music Competition for Young People

Sakura Yazaki

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