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Course information

✴︎Private Lessons✴︎

All practical courses for violin, piano, cello and other instruments are available for lessons in English.

Currently, we have students enrolled in international schools and children who have returned from overseas.


・Those who are starting from touching an instrument for the first time are very welcome.

・"I want my child to learn an instrument" - First introductory lesson.

→ The smoother the initial training,

This will make a big difference in your future abilities! We will develop the potential to bring out your natural talents.

・I want to be able to play my favorite songs!

・Go to lessons after work or school (change your mood with music during stressful days)

・I'm thinking about taking the entrance exam for a music college!


✴︎We offer lessons to suit all levels and styles, from children to seniors.

Preschoolers to junior high school students

1 lesson (45 minutes) / 3 times a month

Monthly fee: 18,000 yen (each lesson fee: 6,000 yen)

high school student~

1 lesson (60 minutes) / 3 times a month

Monthly fee: 22,500 yen (each lesson fee: 7,500 yen)


1 lesson (60 minutes) / 2 times a month ~

Monthly / ¥15,000 ~

Professional Courses

1 lesson (60-120 minutes)

Please Ask

Music high school and music college entrance exam course

1 lesson (60-120 minutes)

Please Ask

*If you would like to take more than three lessons per month, an additional lesson fee will be charged for each additional lesson.

Karen Israelyan

Karen Israelyan

Violin instructor

●Exclusive member of the Illuminart Philharmonic Orchestra

●Judge for the Japan Classical Music Competition (Violin Division)

Karen Israelyan

Violin instructor

● Graduated from Showa University of Music

● Senzoku Gakuen University musician

● Solo, chamber music, orchestra, etc.

Active in drama performance instruction and artist support.

Miyu Ikeda

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